Simpson Family Literary Project


If there is a book you want to read, but hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. 



The Simpson Family Literary Prize

The Simpson Family Literary Prize recognizes annually a writer who has earned a distinguished reputation and the approbation and gratitude of readers. The Inaugural Prize Recipient for 2017–2018 will be an author of fiction at the relatively middle stage of a burgeoning career. The Simpson Family Literary Prize Recipient receives a $50,000 award to encourage and support forthcoming work. The winner will give a public reading, make a limited number of public appearances, and be in brief residence at the Lafayette Library and the University of California, Berkeley. There is no application process. An anonymous jury selects the recipient, to be announced in Spring 2017.


Joyce Carol Oates is Writer in Residence at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation in Spring 2018. She will give a public reading and engage with librarians and younger writers in the Bay Area. 




The University of California, Berkeley, English Department designates a number of graduate students Simpson Fellows. In concert with Creative Writing faculty, Simpson Fellows collaborate with selected public high school faculty, librarians, and students in the Bay Area to promote creative writing in the schools and libraries by conducting workshops in diverse communities. Cooperating schools and organizations will be identified in Spring 2017, and workshops are scheduled for various sites in Spring 2018.